When To Book Your Holiday

When To Book Your Holiday

Learning when to book

The When to Book section concentrates on flights and package holidays because hotel prices do not fluctuate as much as flights. The examples given below are for economy flights but the principle is the same for bookings of different class.

When to book your holiday is sometimes as financially important as which company you  book with. If the dollar rate is great for Brit’s, it isn’t always the best time to book your holiday. You may think “now is the time to book with such a great rate” but your flights and accommodation could cost more. The reason for this is that a lot of other people are having the same thought. This causes too much demand on limited flight/accommodation  in the short term and the price will rise. The flight companies and travel agents put more money on for themselves and your flight and accommodation becomes more expensive.

How Mr Brit gets the best price

Booking your holiday is like playing the stock market at times. Knowing when to buy and when not to buy is a skill that needs to be learned. My tip for getting the best price for flights and accommodation is to practice, practice, practice. By this I mean run quotes through a site like Expedia at multiple times throughout the year. Run next years holiday slot through the search and do this every week or so. Write your results down on your phone/tablet so you can compare the price as the months go by.

I have done this a lot and I now know what times of the year that I will get the cheapest flights. Let’s call this the ‘Golden Period’. We live within one to two hours of 7 airports so our options are quite good. For the Brit family flights, we know which month is the best to book BA flights from London. We also know which week of which month is the ‘golden period’ for booking our specific holiday slot for Doncaster or East Midlands with TUI.

The last flight I booked was a bargain and I knew it would be. I didn’t really want to fly from London so waiting until March to book Doncaster or East Midlands was my plan. When March came around, the flights were around £550 a person. Each day or two saw different prices – £470, £420, £313 and then bang! £253 per person!. I jumped all over it and booked our 5 flights. The following day it went back to £420. I knew it would hit around the mid £200s because it did exactly the same the previous year. Start practising now for next years holiday and remember to record your results.

Don’t over do it

Don’t run the flight/holiday through constantly because you will damage your chances of a good price. The pricing software that controls booking websites has an AI element to it and prices will go up with more enquiries. When my ‘golden period’ is approaching, I will run the price through just once a day and usually in the morning. Make sure other friends and other family members are not running the trip through because that could damage your chances. Nominate one person to run the quotes through on a regular basis.

Can you go last minute?

A few years ago I was in the unfortunate position of having to book our Orlando holidays during the 6 weeks school summer holidays. This is one of the worst times to book a flight to any location. The first year we booked, I got the flights for £330 per person which was amazing for this time of year. The second year we paid just £240 per person. Both flights were ‘last minute’ flights and we had to fly out two or three days later. The £240 flight was a great result because the day before, the price was showing £900 a person. What a massive saving for our family of four (£2,640) but you need to be flexible with your departure airport and you need a bit of luck.

Fly during the week

If the way I book (above) isn’t right for you, this tip should help you save a little bit of money if you can do it. If you can travel from Monday to Thursday you could save around £50 per person so a family of 4 can save £200. Instead of flying out on a Saturday and coming home on a Saturday, try a Wednesday and save around £200.

The Heat in Orlando

The heat may be a factor when you are planning an Orlando holiday. Here is my chart showing you the average temperatures you can expect throughout the year

MonthHigh FLow F

Save some more

Before you book your flight, make sure you have read Mr Brit’s Baggage Allowance section. This section could help you save even more money on flights. Booking with certain airlines could drastically reduce the fee you pay for adding checked baggage to your flight.