Disney Typhoon Lagoon

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon is my favourite water park in Orlando. The reason for this is how naturally beautiful the park looks. All of the water slides and water rides are really well hidden behind palm trees and other greenery. All of the metal frames and plastic tubes are out of sight and this really helps give it that desert island feel.

Parking is free in Typhoon Lagoon and the other Disney water park Blizzard Beach. If you get there at the beginning of the day when it is rope drop time, you need to be quick. As soon as the rope drops, people sprint off in all directions to grab the best spots. The shaded canopies are snapped up within a few minutes so try to reach your desired spot quickly.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool.

Every 90 seconds a great wave hits the beach and if you are a good swimmer, you will love being hit by this mini tsunami. The wave really does hit you with some force so only strong swimmers should swim up front. There is a rule in Typhoon lagoon that you are only allowed in the deep if you can swim unaided.

Castaway Creek

As with all parks in Orlando there is a river that runs around the park. The river in Typhoon lagoon is the Castaway Creek and this really is a lovely slow lazy river ride. The river takes you around the park and it is so relaxing especially in the sunshine. Grab one of the large inflatable hoops and lie down on it or pop your arms through it. You can also just pop a life vest on and float down the river.

The water isn’t very deep and it would only come to waist height if and average adult stood up. The hoops and the life vests are free to use but the Disney parks only have a  limited amount of these.

As with all Disney attractions there are the amazing Disney Cast Members on hand to help with any question or even keep your kids entertained. My son – Little Brit loved his recent visit to Typhoon Lagoon thanks to one of the great cast members. Every time he went near her she chased him around and never managed to catch him and he loved it.

KetchaKiddie Creek

Ketchakiddee Creek

Typhoon Lagoon also has a great childrens play area – Ketchakiddee Creek. This play area also has its own mini little lazy river for kids. When Little Brit was young he loved this river ride and he kept running back around to get back on again. This play area has a height limit of 48″ or 122cm so children above this height are not permitted.


All in all, Typhoon Lagoon is a lovely water park which is great for the adventurous and probably even better for the lazy ones amongst us. A beautiful tropical hide away which you must visit during your Orlando holiday.