Disney World Tickets

Disney World Tickets – The Options

Disney World tickets have changed a lot over the last few years. The brilliant ‘no expiry’ option has been retired so whatever ticket you buy, expires when your holiday ends.

Disney Ultimate Ticket

‘The British Ticket’. If you try to browse ticket prices on the Disney .com site, you will annoyingly be transferred to the Disney’s .co.uk website. This UK site only allows you to buy 7, 14 or 21 day Ultimate tickets. Ignore the fact that there is probably an offer stating “14 days for the price of 7” because this seems to be a constant offer. The Disney Ultimate ticket provides admission to all 4 main theme parks as well as the 2 Disney water parks.

A 14 day ticket will expire 14 days after first use. Disney’s Memory Maker costs $199 as a stand alone purchase but is offered free with the Ultimate ticket. The Memory Maker is a system that collects your Disney World photos from theme parks and theme park rides etc. The photos are then stored in your online account on the Disney app. Find out more about the Disney Memory maker here.

Disney Base Tickets

Disney World Base Tickets are harder to buy in the UK. British ticket sellers only sell the Ultimate ticket above and the USA Disney website transfers you to the UK site automatically. With the base ticket you only have to buy the amount of days you require. You would save money if you bought up to a 7 day base ticket but this specific ticket would not give you access to the Disney water parks.

Base tickets are only available from USA ticket sellers or by visiting Disney World in person to buy. Buying direct from the Disney World parks would cost more.

Disney Hopper Option

Adding the Park Hopper option to a base ticket lets guests come and go as they please through all four Walt Disney World theme parks. You can visit multiple parks on the same day. This added option costs extra on top of your base ticket. If you don’t have the budget to buy full Disney and Universal tickets, you could buy a one or two day Disney Hopper ticket. You could start your theme park visit very early and come back very late in the same day. You would be able to get access to all 4 theme parks. This strategy is ideal for a family that mainly wants to visit Universal Orlando Resort but also see Disney.

Disney World Water Parks

The Disney World water parks – Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon are Orlando’s best water parks in my opinion. Again, if you try to access the Water Park tickets section on the main Disney website, you will be transferred to the UK website. There will be no option for buying stand alone water park tickets.

My tip for buying a Disney World Water Park ticket is to buy an annual Water Park pass. The 2019 prices are $148 for an adult. If you visit Orlando regularly or are planning to go the following year, buy an annual pass. You could activate the ticket in the second week of your first holiday and then use it at the beginning of next years holiday. This way you would get 2 holidays from one ticket. This brings the cost down to $74 per adult per holiday. You would need to buy these annual passes at Walt Disney World.

Ticket websites for the best deals will be added to this page soon.