Disney Springs

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney Marketplace is a great shopping destination packed full of shops, restaurants and interactive games. It is primarily a shopping area and you will visit some of the most amazing gift shops you are ever likely to find at Downtown Disney. Original Disney art, toys and collectables are a popular theme offered throughout the Downtown Disney Marketplace stores so if you are looking for a great Disney momento of your holiday, this area will be a great place to head.

The Lego store is the place to put a smile on every Lego fans face. Little Brit loves the Lego Indiana Jones video game and his face was a picture when we walked into the store and spotted a life size Lego Indiana Jones character. The store has every Lego product imaginable and even some you wouldn’t expect. For just $9.99 kids can build their own 3 Lego characters from scratch complete with hats, suits, accessories and even double sided faces. I helped Little Brit put his 3 characters together and the poor Lego men could hardly stand with all of the ‘extras’ I added to them.

The ultimate Disney gift store
‘World Of Disney’ is probably the largest Disney gift store in the world and it is really easy to lose the rest of your family as our eldest son did on our recent trip. This superstore of Disney gifts branches off left and right into different sections so it is not very easy to navigate your way around this vast store. Prices aren’t the cheapest and we did spot one photo album that cost $14.96 and we had previously bought the same album at Wal-Mart for $7.96 but the selection on offer is staggering and you will probably find a Disney themed ‘something or other’ that you just must buy. Fans of Toy Story and Cars will want to have a little shopping spree in World Of Disney as there are some very original toys on offer that you just don’t see back home.

Opposite the World Of Disney store is a band stand and choirs, bands and performers are regularly entertaining the crowds here. It is a lovely experience to sit with a drink and listen to some great music while you take a break from the shopping.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located inside the World Of Disney store and if you have a little princess that would love to be transformed into a Disney princess, this is the place you need to be. Inside the store there are Fairy Godmothers-in-training waiting to transform your young daughter into a fairy tale princess. The make-over packages range from $45 plus tax to $180 plus tax. The lower price includes hair style and shimmering make-up with the $180 package offering hair style, shimmering make-up, nails, costume of your choice with accessories and photos. Booking in advance is strongly recommended. From the UK call 001-407-939-7895 to make a reservation. If you are calling from Orlando, drop the 001

RideMakerz – Build your ride
This ultimate Remote Control Cars store is really amazing and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is a permanent addition to the Downtown Disney area. This new Mega-Store has taken over the building from the recently closed Virgin Mega-Store. I had a little chat with the store manager at Ridemakerz and he told me that the store will be open until September 2010 and then the owners will make a decision whether to make it a permanent fixture of the Downtown Disney area.

This is how it works…

• You choose the body, paint job and a street monster chassis
• Customise your car with wheels, treads, side pipes, decals, lights & sound
• Cruise it freewheel or radio control – you decide

Kids (or dads) can even build the car in the store with all of the automatic tools provided and once the car is complete, give it a whizz around the store or on their test track circuits. Once you have made your ideal car you can take it home in a kool box with prices starting from around $40-$50. To find out more about Ridemakerz visit their website