Disney Springs At Night

The Downtown Disney area is moving away from its reputation of being the place to go at night time if you are looking for a nightclub. In September 2008 the following Disney night venues closed down – 8 Trax, The Adventurer’s Club, Mannequins Dance Palace, BET Sound-Stage Club, Motion and The Comedy Warehouse. This move by Disney is to make this area of the resort a more family friendly place to visit at night. There are still many bars and restaurants in Downtown Disney so don’t worry that the whole area is being transformed into one big child’s play area.

A Planet Hollywood restaurant can be found at Downtown Disney and this place gets really busy so you may have to wait a while to tuck in. I love anything to do with the movies and if you are the same you will love checking out all of the genuine movie memorabilia and props from past blockbusters that decorate this movie themed restaurant. Planet Hollywood is also included as part of the Disney Dining Plan program so if you are staying in a Disney hotel and you have taken the DDP package, you will qualify to eat here as part of your allowance.

24 screen cinema
If the movies is your thing then you will love the AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theatres Complex at Downtown Disney. This enormous cinema located in the West Side area has been kitted out with THX surround and has been designed with an old style 1920’s Art Deco look to bring back memories of the movies hey-day.

Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba

WARNING – While you watch this show you may get repetitive strain injury in your jaw from uttering the same phrases over and over and over again….oh my god….unbelievable….Jesus Christ….woooaaahhhhh…..oh my god….unbelievable….. This is all I seem to say every time I watch the show.

The La Nouba show will blow your socks off and from the moment you sit down you are entertained until ‘chucking out time’. High wire acts are doing their stuff high above the stage whilst acrobats and BMX stunt riders are frightening the front crowd below. The whole stage floor changes throughout the show as one act jumps into a large hole in the floor, another act is catapulted through it to start their act.

The biggest round of applause always goes to the Diabolos act which is performed by a group of young Asian girls and how deserved it is too. These little girls are too good to be true and each time they attempted a stunt or trick that seemed impossible I was really worried that they would mess things up and start crying. They didn’t faulter once and some of the tricks they did left everyone open-mouthed and silent (until the end).

Men – the masters of multi tasking
Any of you women out there that like to say that men cannot multi-task, check out the juggler at La Nouba and you will change your mind about us blokes. Seriously though, this juggler is unreal and what he does is super human. On our recent visit in 2010, whilst adding more and more items to his routine, he dropped a ring and had to start again. I was happy to see him drop something because it just goes to show that these performers are pushing themselves to the limit at La Nouba so you can have an amazing night. The BMX guys are so skillful as are the little Diabolos girls. The dancers in the show are also the acrobats at the end of the show and the trampoline act at the latter stages of the performance will amaze you.

If this show cost triple the price – it would be an absolute bargain but you won’t know until you go and see the show. Google the show for reviews of the show and if you can possibly find one genuine review that says that it is isn’t “absolutely amazing” you will have just read a review by a genuine nutter!!!.

Nanna and Grandad Brit came with us the last time we went to the show and Nanna Brit is partially deaf so as it is mainly a feast for the eyes, this was the ideal show for my mum to see. My dad wasn’t too chuffed about paying all of that money but we all pressured him into coughing up and he did. I was keeping my fingers crossed that he enjoyed the show because he wouldn’t have let me hear the last of it, at that price.

At the end of the show I looked over to my mum and dad to see what their opinion of the show was because they didn’t say a word to me all the way through (I thought they weren’t enjoying it) and with tears in my dads eyes he said “bloody brilliant” and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Mum also loved it and also wants to go back next time.

Little Brit, who was four when we took him to La Nouba was surprisingly quiet throughout the performance. I expected him to be running around and basically annoying a few people (like they do) but he was also transfixed with the show and watched the whole amazing performance. La Nouba is definitely the best thing in the Downtown Disney area so if you are staying in a Disney resort hotel or if you are staying 20 miles away for that matter, treat you and your family to one of the best shows you are ever likely to see in your life. Get their early if you can to watch the 2 clowns that entertain and ridicule the audience as they are seated.

To book tickets (up to 6 months in advance) or to find out more about the show, visit the official Cirque du Soleil website and search for the La Nouba show in Orlando. This website is also an excellent way to research the show before you decide to book.