Disney Blizzard Beach

Blizzard Beach

ADD the slide to the left of Summit Plummet makes you ‘catch air’ on the second or third bump which is scary. ADD that Summit Plummet is scary and not too far off vertical. When you drop you don’t get to really see anything because there is so much water in your face. ADD that the floating chairs are brilliant but hard to get. Weekdays are much quieter than weekends because of local annual pass holders. Up to 6 people in the family raft ride to the right of Summit plummet. Free parking. 2 slides (left of summit plummet) make you go face down so it may not be comfortable if you have back problems. The other slide next to them is a race slide and people sometimes fall out.


As with almost everything Disney, Blizzard Beach is an amazing water park and very popular with tourists and the locals. There are some great locations to sunbathe and plenty to do for the adventurous. It may look like it was snowing in the pictures but not everything is what it seems in Orlando.

Parking is free in Blizzard Beach and the other Disney water park Typhoon Lagoon. If you want to grab a good spot to park you towels, you need to get there at the beginning of the day. When rope drop happens everybody dashes off to grab their favourite spot so you need to be quick. Try to know what area of Blizzard Beach you want to be in and dash for it asap. As the name suggests Blizzard Beach has a snow storm theme to it and it does all look very authentic.

Summit Plummet

Melt-Away Bay

Melt-Away Bay gives out a constant flurry of small waves which can be a lovely experience if you are floating in a hoop. I have fallen asleep on these rings a few times because the small waves can rock you to sleep. One day I actually fell out of my ring when the waves took me back to the shore. I was thrown out of the inflatable as the water flipped it over. I thought my ‘beach cred’ had hit the deck but everyone nearby was too busy to notice.

Summit Plummet

In the picture above you will see what looks like a ski jump from the Winter Olympics. This is actually Summit Plummet – a very big water slide and the main attraction in the park. Don’t worry, you do not fly off the end of it as the picture might suggest. Disney have made the slide look like it is a ski jump but it isn’t. What actually happens is that you slide down in a straight line and drop straight through into a pool at the end. If you are feeling very fit you can decide to take the 150 step climb to the slide. If you are like most people you can decide to opt for the not so energetic option of the Chairlift. There is usually a bit of a wait to get these chairs but time flies when you are nattering and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes usually.

Cross Country Creek

Cross Country Creek

The lazy river ride in Blizzard Beach is called Cross Country Creek. It has to be the slowest and shallowest of all the Orlando water park rivers. This relaxing ride lasts around 20 minutes as you are taken on a complete rotation of the park. The river is covered by trees for most of the route and it is sometimes hard to calculate where you need to get off. Try and notice the location name of where you entered the water and keep your eyes peeled for it later. Having the shade of the trees above helps keep you cool on a blisteringly hot day so this is another amazingly relaxing experiences.

Ski Patrol Camp Blizzard Beach

Ski Patrol Camp

The Ski Patrol Training Camp is the place for kids in Blizzard Beach. It has lots of inflatables, slides, a T-Bar and an iceberg walk to keep the little ones laughing. This is a really great place to let the kids spend an hour or so, or even make a new friend.


There are many other great water slides and rides in Blizzard Beach such as the Teamboat Springs and this boasts of being the worlds longest family raft ride.