Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

Before you get all excited and buy your Disney World Tickets, you probably need to make sure you have travel insurance. There are many options when buying travel insurance but you may already be covered without knowing it. Check your bank account benefits and your credit card benefits before you buy a policy. Single trip family policies can be bought from under £30. With any policy you do need to read all of the T’s and C’s to make sure that you are fully covered.

Cheap isn’t always best

I recently bought a single trip family policy for £29 and spotted these conditions in the policy wording:

The policy excludes claims directly or indirectly arising if at the time your policy was issued you: are being prescribed regular medication; have received treatment for or had a consultation with a doctor or hospital specialist in the past 6 months; are being referred to, treated by or under the care of a doctor or a hospital specialist; are awaiting treatment or the results of any tests

Notice that it states ‘had a consultation with a doctor in the last 6 months’. How many people will have been to the doctor in the last 6 months? Most people would forget to note it on the application form. Although this next scenario is unlikely, a bad insurer would try any way they could to get out of paying….

“Dear Mr Brit, this letter is in regards to your recent insurance claim for your Sony camcorder that was broken at Disney World. Unfortunately, after checking your medical records, it appears you went to the doctors 3 months before your holiday with a belly ache. This has resulted in your insurance being voided. Have a nice day……”

You are probably thinking that this would never happen but some insurance companies do try their hardest to not pay out. They may use any excuse they can so make sure you read the terms.

Don’t worry too much about medical issues

A friend of mine recently added his medical condition of ‘high cholesterol’ to his travel insurance. He was worried that the insurance company would add a very large charge to his premium but he was pleasantly surprised that an increase of just £1.60 was added to the bill when he notified his insurance. His single trip family insurance only cost £36 so don’t worry too much about minor medical conditions.

How to buy your travel insurance


Deals on travel insurance come and go very quickly so it wouldn’t be a good idea for me to list the current special offers. They would probably have probably expired before you read this guide.