Theme Park Height Restrictions

Theme Park Ride Height Requirements

Are Your Tall Enough?

This section will help you choose the right theme parks to visit for you and your family. The rides and attractions are listed for each main theme park along with any height restrictions. It’s not wise to just visit every park available because some parks are not ideal for young children.

For detailed reviews of the rides and shows, check out the Theme Parks & Tickets section above.

Another reason to check the list is that if you are a family of thrill seekers, some parks may be too tame for you. If your ‘children’ are almost as tall as you now, you might want to aim for parks full of rollercoasters and adult rides. This list will help you plan your holiday better and remember to use the Holiday Planner to optimise your days and tickets.

I have added attractions that do not have a height requirement and I have added some shows to help you decide the right theme parks for you.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Space MountainIndoor Coaster44" or 112cm
Splash MountainWater Ride40" or 102cm
Big Thunder Mountain RailroadTrain Coaster40" or 102cm
Seven Dwarfs Mine TrainTrain Coaster38" or 97cm
The BarnstormerTrain Coaster35" or 89cm
Tomorrowland SpeedwayCar Ride32" or 81cm / 54" or 137cm to ride alone
The Magic Carpets Of AladdinSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Jungle CruiseBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Pirates Of The CaribbeanBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Liberty Square RiverboatBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Haunted MansionGhost RideNo Height Requirement
Prince Charming Regal CarrouselSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Mickey's PhilharMagic4D ShowNo Height Requirement
Peter Pan's FlightRideNo Height Requirement
It's A Small WorldBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Under The Sea - Journey Of The Little MermaidRideNo Height Requirement
Dumbo the Flying ElephantSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Mad Tea PartySpinnerNo Height Requirement
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The PoohRideNo Height Requirement
Astro OrbiterSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMoverTrain RideNo Height Requirement
Walt Disney's Carrousel Of ProgressTheatre RideNo Height Requirement
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger SpinShoot em upNo Height Requirement
Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki RoomWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
A Pirates AdventureWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
Tom Sawyer IslandWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
The Hall Of PresidentsShowNo Height Requirement
Enchanted Tales With BelleShowNo Height Requirement
Monsters Inc Laugh FloorShowNo Height Requirement

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Star ToursSimulator40" or 102cm
Slinky Dog DashCoaster38" or 97cm
Alien Swirling SaucersSpinner32" or 81cm
Twilight Zone Tower Of TerrorDrop ride40" or 102cm
Rock 'n' Roller CoasterIndoor Coaster48" or 122cm
Toy Story ManiaShoot em upNo Height Requirement
Indiana Jones Stunt SpectacularShowNo Height Requirement
Beauty And The BeastShowNo Height Requirement
FantasmicShowNo Height Requirement
Lightning McQueen's Racing AcademyShowNo Height Requirement
Voyage Of The Little MermaidShowNo Height Requirement
Disney Junior Dance PartyShowNo Height Requirement
For The First Time In ForeverShowNo Height Requirement
Muppet Vision 3DShowNo Height Requirement
Star Wars Path Of The JediShowNo Height Requirement
The Walt Disney TheatreShowNo Height Requirement

Disney’s Epcot

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Mission: SpaceSimulator40" or 102cm
Test TrackCar Ride40" or 102cm
SoarinSimulator40" or 102cm
Spaceship EarthRideNo Height Requirement
Living With the LandBoat RideNo Height Requirement
The Seas With Nemo & FriendsRideNo Height Requirement
Journey Into Imagination With FigmentRideNo Height Requirement
Frozen Ever AfterBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Gran Fiesta TourBoat rideNo Height Requirement
Turtle Talk With CrushShowNo Height Requirement
Disney & Pixar Short Film FestivalFilm ShowNo Height Requirement
Reflections Of ChinaFilm ShowNo Height Requirement
The American AdventureFilm ShowNo Height Requirement
Impressions de FranceFilm ShowNo Height Requirement
CanadaFilm ShowNo Height Requirement

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Avatar: Flight Of PassageSimulator44" or 112cm
Expedition EverestTrain Coaster44" or 112cm
Kali River RapidsWater Ride38" or 97cm
Primeval WhirlSpinner Coaster48" or 122cm
TriceraTop SpinSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Na'vi River JourneyBoat RideNo Height Requirement
Festival Of The Lion KingShowNo Height Requirement
It's Tough To Be A Bug4D ShowNo Height Requirement
Rafiki's Planet WatchWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
Gorilla Falls Exploration TrailWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
Up! A Great Bird AdventureShowNo Height Requirement
Maharajah Jungle TrekWalk ThroughNo Height Requirement
Rivers Of LightShowNo Height Requirement
Finding Nemo The MusicalShowNo Height Requirement
Kilimanjaro SafarisBus RideNo Height Requirement

Universal Studios

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Hollywood Rip, Ride RockitCoaster51" or 130cm
Revenge Of The MummyIndoor Coaster48" or 122cm
Harry Potter - Escape from Gringotts4D Coaster 42" or 107cm
Men In Black Alien AttackShoot em up42" or 107cm
The SimpsonsSimulator40" or 102cm
Woody Woodpecker CoasterCoaster36" or 91cm
Jimmy Fallon Race Through New YorkSimulator40" or 102cm
Fast And FuriousBus Simulator40" or 102cm
Despicable Me - Minion MayhemSimulator40" or 102cm
TransformersSimulator Ride40" or 102cm
Shrek 4-DShowNo Height Requirement
Hogwarts Express Kings Cross StationTrain RideNo Height Requirement
Fear factor LiveShowNo Height Requirement
Kang & Kodos Twirl n HurlSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Animal Actors on LocationShowNo Height Requirement
E.T AdventureBike Ride34" or 86cm
Horror Make Up ShowShowParental Guidance Recommended

Islands Of Adventure

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Incredible Hulk CoasterCoaster54" or 137cm
Storm Force AccelatronSpinnerNo Height Requirement
Doctor Doom's FearfallClimb & Drop52" or 132cm
Amazing Adventures Of Spider-ManSimulator Ride40" or 102cm
Popeye & Bluto's Bilge Rat BargesWater Ride42" or 107cm
Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw FallsRide44" or 112cm
Reign Of KongBus Ride Simulator36" pr 91cm
Pteranodon FlyersGlider36" - 56" or 91cm to 142cm
Jurassic Park River AdventureBoat ride42" or 107cm
Harry Potter & The Forbidden JourneySeated Ride48" or 122cm
Flight Of The HippogriffCoaster36" or 91cm
Hogwarts Express HogsmeadeTrain rideNo Height Requirement
Poseidon's FuryShowNo Height Requirement
High In The Sky Seuss Trolley RideTrain Ride36" or 91cm
Caro-Seuss-elMerry Go RoundNo Height Requirement
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSpinnerNo Height Requirement
The Cat In The HatRide With Spins36" or 91cm


AttractionTypeHeight requirement
KrakenCoaster54" or 137cm
MakoCoaster54" or 137cm
Infinity FallsWater Ride42" or 107cm
Journey To AtlantisBoat Ride / Coaster42" or 107cm
MantaCoaster54" or 137cm
Antarctica: Empire Of The PenguinSpinning RideNo Height Requirement
Wild ArcticSimulator42" or 107cm
Sea CarouselCarousel42" or 107cm
SeaWorld ShowsShowsNo Height Requirement

Busch Gardens

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Cobra's CurseSpinner Coaster54" or 137cm
Cheetah HuntCoaster54" or 137cm
TigrisCoaster54" or 137cm
SheikraCoaster54" or 137cm
MontuCoaster54" or 137cm
KumbaCoaster54" or 137cm
ScorpionCoaster42" or 107cm
SandSerpentSpinner Coaster46" or 117cm
Falcon's FuryDrop Ride54" or 137cm
Congo River RapidsWater Ride42" or 107cm
Stanley Falls FlumeWater Ride46" or 117cm
Air GroverCoaster38" or 96cm
Wild SurgeDrop Ride38" or 96cm
Serengeti ExpressTrain RideNo Height Requirement
SkyRideCable CarNo Height Requirement

Legoland Florida

AttractionTypeHeight requirement
Aquazone Wave RacersWater Ride40" or 102cm
CoastersaurusCoaster42" or 107cm
Flying SchoolCoaster52" or 132cm to ride alone
Lost Kingdom AdventureShoot em up30" or 76cm
Merlin's ChallengeSpinner36" or 91cm
Mia's Riding AdventureRide48" or 122cm
Lego Ninjago The RideCoaster48" or 122cm to ride alone
The DragonCoaster40" or 102cm
Safari TrekCar Ride34" or 86cm
Kid Power TowersSwing Ride40" or 102cm
Ford Driving SchoolCar RideNo Height Requirement
Ford Jr Driving SchoolCar RideNo Height Requirement
Duplo TractorTractor RideNo Height Requirement If Accompanied
Duplo TrainTrain RideNo Height Requirement If Accompanied
Royal JoustHorse Ride36" or 91cm
TechnicycleSwing Ride36" or 91cm
The Grand CarouselSpinner48" or 122cm to ride alone
Masters Of FlightSimulator40" or 102cm
Beetle BounceDrop Ride36" or 91cm
The Great Lego RaceSpinner Coaster48" or 122cm to ride alone
Unikitty's Disco DropDrop Ride40" or 102cm

Disclaimer: Mr Brit does not take responsibility or accept liability for the accuracy of these height requirements. These tables are just to give you an idea of what Florida theme parks may suit you best. Always check the height requirements on the up-to-date theme park maps when visiting theme parks.