SeaWorld, Aquatica Busch Gardens Tickets

SeaWorld Tickets

SeaWorld also owns Aquatica, Discovery Cove and Busch Gardens so this page covers all ways to buy these tickets. Busch Gardens is at least an hours drive from the Disney area so you may not want to travel that far. It is also a theme park aimed at roller coaster lovers so this may not be up your street.

SeaWorld tickets direct from the park

The SeaWorld website has some great offers where you can visit 3 parks for a great price. The 2019 prices were showing a price of $104.99 + tax which is just over £80 at time of writing. This deal will give you 1 entry into each park – SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens. You can visit these parks within a 14 day window. If you are also visiting Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World you probably don’t need unlimited SeaWorld tickets.

SeaWorld & Aquatica Annual Pass

If you travel to Orlando every year you may want to consider the Annual Pass option. An Aquatica 12 month pass will cost $121.88 + tax so just under £100 at time of writing. This would mean you get 2 holidays visiting Aquatica for just under £50 per person per holiday. For just $169 + tax you can visit SeaWorld and Aquatica for 12 months. At 2019 prices this comes to £137 at time of writing. You could activate the tickets on the second week of your first holiday and use it again for the first week of your second holiday. This way you would get access to both parks on each holiday for the equivalent price of just £72.50.

Buying an annual pass for any SeaWorld park comes with some great benefits. The best benefit in my opinion is a discounted ticket to Discovery Cove. This amazing water park is a ‘must do’ for any Orlando holiday and you can read more about Discovery Cove here. One important thing that you need to be aware of with SeaWorld Annual passes is that they start from the date of purchase.

Discovery Cove Tickets

Discovery Cove tickets can be purchased direct from SeaWorld from as little as £125 at time of writing. You would be wise to add other parks to your ticket to get an even better deal. Adding 14 days of SeaWorld and Aquatica to a Discovery Cove ticket would only cost an extra £40.

NOTE: SeaWorld add a service fee of $9.99 to each booking so make sure you add all the tickets you need to one order.

Links to great ticket offers will be added to this page soon