Quick Tips

Busch Gardens Rollercoaster

This whole website guide is packed full of tips on every page but here a few quick tips to get you started…


Americans are coupon mad and there are many, many ways to save money on almost everything you buy. Below are just a few ways to save money on dining and eating out so also read the whole guide for more. The Eating Tips section has tips on finding digital vouchers and getting discounts with restaurant apps.

You could have a ‘Google session’ one afternoon and find many more vouchers and offers. Visit the official websites of the American restaurant chains to grab them before your holiday. Make sure you are visiting websites such as KFC.com and not the .co.uk. English coupons will obviously not work in the USA. The only downside to these offers is that they don’t usually last long so check the dates.

Coupon Books

Discount coupon booklets are available at many different outlets in Orlando. You can get them from hotels, supermarkets and almost every place that a tourist would visit. These books are everywhere so keep your eyes open and grab some when you get to Orlando.

The voucher books contain coupons for places like restaurants, mini golf, shopping malls and other places of interest. The Dinner Show vouchers tend not to be great and usually only offer a few dollars discount. Buy your Dinner Show Tickets before you leave the UK to get the best prices. The Dinner Show pages in the menu shows the best way to buy these tickets.

Put the Florida Lotto on

The Florida Lotto is basically the same as our Lotto. Tickets can be bought at most gas stations and supermarkets. The Lottos costs just $1 and we always use our standard UK number. You know what it’s like – you feel like you should win because you’re on holiday.

If you forget to check your numbers before you leave Orlando you can check your numbers online. One thing you must be aware of is that if you are British and you win the Florida Lottery jackpot, it is a Florida state requirement that you must give a percentage of your winnings to Mr Brit

Watch the movies

Up Movie Characters One little tip to help your kids (if you have any) and you enjoy what Orlando has to offer is to ‘watch the movies’ before you set off on holiday. In the weeks and months running up to your holiday, sit down and watch some of the films and cartoons that feature in the Orlando theme parks.

When ‘Little Brit’ was 3 years old, we sat and watched Toy Story, E.T and similar movies before the holiday. We knew he would get more excited at Disney World and Universal Studios if he was familiar with the characters. This worked wonders and he was talking about all of his new favourite characters before we set off. He was looking forward to meeting his new heroes at each of the theme parks.

Plan a Movie Night

Why not plan a Holiday Movie Night in your house to get everyone excited about the upcoming holiday. Allocate one night a week for movies ie Tuesday night is ‘holiday movie night’. Grab some popcorn and fizzy drinks to watch one of the films from the Orlando Theme Parks shows. Your kids will look forward to the weekly showing and you will reap the benefits when you see the excitement on their faces in Orlando when they come face to face with their new favourite movie characters.

Here are a list of movies and cartoons that feature in the Orlando theme parks rides and shows. Not all of these movies are suitable for all ages so check the advisory age limits before watching….

Universal StudiosIslands Of Adventure
Harry PotterHarry Potter
ShrekJurassic Park
The Simpsons
E.T The Extra TerrestrialThe Cat In The Hat
Men In BlackPopeye
BeetlejuiceKing Kong
The Mummy
Despicable Me

Disney's Magic KingdomDisney's Hollywood Studios
Pirates Of The Caribbean Star Wars
Monsters Inc Toy Story
Toy Story
Indiana Jones
Lilo & Stitch Cars
Winnie The Pooh The Muppets
Peter Pan Toy Story
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
The Little Mermaid

Disney's EpcotDisney's Animal Kingdom
Finding NemoAvatar
FrozenThe Lion King

Finding Nemo
A Bug's Life

The Disney Store UK

The Disney Store Website in the UK sometimes have great deals on Disney toys and clothing. It might be worth having a look at their website to see if there are any Disney toys that your little ones would love. They sometimes have half price sales so check regularly to grab a bargain. Toys will be cheaper when you are in Orlando but it might be worth buying a couple of toys and clothes before you travel. this will This will get them in the holiday mood.

Spending Money For The Kids

This tip might sound totally obvious to you but I will give it to you anyway. A good way to save money is to let your children control what they spend themselves. This doesn’t work for 3 year olds but it is great for older kids. It is a great way to learn your children the value of money.

We allow our children to use their own savings as spending money. At the beginning of the holiday each child knows that they have an exact amount to spend. We allow our kids to take $200 to spend over the 14 days. If after one week they have spent more than $100, we tell them that they will run out of money. It’s amazing how they suddenly stop asking to buy certain toys and other non essentials. They wouldn’t have had a problem if it was Mum or Dads money.

Florida Alligator

NEVER stand near open water

We all know what happened to 2 year old Lane Thomas Graves at Walt Disney World in 2016. Alligators have snatched many people from river banks over the years and they are so quick, you wouldn’t even see them coming. Alligators sometimes lurk in the narrowest of streams so don’t look at a piece of water and think there is no way an alligator could be in there. Keep away from open water at all times, even in the theme parks.

Don’t forget your sunscreen…

…even if it is a cloudy day and you think the kids will be ok, they won’t. The Sun still gets through the clouds in Orlando as Florida is the Sunshine State. You will only realise at the end of the day if someone got burnt.

Take your own child’s medicine…

ie Calpol because you probably will not find the same brand in Orlando. We use Calpol when Little Brit is ill but it is not available in the USA so pack a bottle.

Take your own toothpaste…

… you probably will anyway but American toothpaste tends to have a cinnamon taste to it.


Member Of The AA?

I don’t mean Alcoholics Anonymous!!

If you are a member of the AA (automobile association) in the UK, then you can make some canny savings all over America including Orlando. Being a member of the AA qualifies you for discounts via the AAA ‘Show Your Card’ scheme. Turn your card over and you will see a very small version of the image shown here. The AAA is the sister company of our AA.

Some of the discounts are really good and here are just a few of the past offers as an example:

Payless Shoes – Save 20% on all regular priced items when you show a coupon with your AAA membership card at time of purchase.

Reebok – Save 40% off your total purchase at all U.S. Reebok Outlet Stores. To receive your savings, present your AAA card at the time of purchase.

Free Universal Orlando souvenir photo from a choice of one of the most popular rides and attractions with ticket purchase.

Hard Rock Café 10% Off – This offer was LIVE at time of writing.

These offers come and go so these are just examples to give you a feel for the discounts. Visit the AA.co.uk website to find out more