O’Shucks Pub & Billiards

Now under normal circumstances I would dedicate a whole page to just one small venue but O’Shucks truly deserves it….or at least the singers that frequent this Karaoke Bar deserve it!

O’Shucks Irish Pub & Billiards

There is nothing Irish about this bar on International Drive except the odd Shamrock beer mat, this is a seriously good Karaoke bar though. A few years ago came across the place and I just fancied a game of pool but we stopped playing as soon as we heard the singers in the background. I’ve been to a lot of Karaoke pubs before and I know that you can come across the odd great singer but almost everyone that sings in this Karaoke bar sound like real professional singers.

A lot of the singers bring their own discs in and hand them to the hostess, they will then belt out some past hit that sounds as good as the original. I don’t get up and sing anyway but having a night in O’Shucks is a very good way of listening to some top entertainment because most of them are really that good. My Dad is a very good singer and does sing in some North East of England clubs so O’Shucks was one of the factors that persuaded my Mum and Dad to try Orlando for a holiday. Nanna and Grandad Brit come to Orlando with us every year now and their local is O’Shucks so if you are ever in there and you hear a really good version of an Elvis song, it may be Grandad Brit (pictured)

Now here is my rant about the prices…..the drinks are way overpriced in my opinion and I know that they have to pay the Karaoke host but $7 for 2 halfs of draught lager is a bit hard to take on a regular basis when other bars down the street would serve you 2 full pints for a lot less on a normal day. I have even bought a pint of Miller Lite from Buffalo Wings for just a dollar. You can opt for a so-called O’Shucks Offer to get your drinks costs down a little bit by buying a bucket of 5 bottles for $20 but again, this price is too much in my opinion.

If you like Karaoke you absolutely MUST go to O’Shucks. Weekends are obviously better and busier but the Karaoke is on every night of the week, oh and take plenty of cash.

www.oshuckspub.com (try not to stay on their site for too long…..they may charge you for it!!!)