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Intelligent Orlando Planning

Use my simple Orlando Holiday Planner to work out what you want, and what you should do during your holiday. Insert into each day, what you would like to do on each morning, afternoon and night. This will help you visualise your ideal holiday and see if it is possible.

Too many people ‘over buy’ Orlando Theme Park Tickets and end up coming home exhausted. Have a play with my planner and agree as a family, what you would like to do. Remember to have a few chill out days, especially early in the holiday. The most expensive part of your holiday will be the theme park tickets so plan intelligently.

Is every park right for you?

If you have small children, study each Orlando theme park in detail as some may not be suitable. Some of the parks are better suited to bigger children rather than toddlers. You don’t want to pay hundreds of pounds in tickets and visit a park that has only 2 rides for toddlers. I’ve created detailed theme park pages to help you get a feel for the parks so try and read each section.

To find out at a glance what height requirements each theme park has for its rides, check out the Theme Park Height Restrictions page. This section is a great, quick way to see which of the parks is suited to your specific family. Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are great theme parks to visit but they have very different types of attractions on offer. Busch Gardens in Tampa is a real no-no for families with younger children. This park is full of rollercoasters so not worth a trip until your little Brit’s grow a bit.

Leave Room For Other Things

After filling in my Orlando Holiday Planner, you may realise that 3 days at Disney World and 2 days in Universal studios will do. This will help you decide the best Universal Orlando Tickets and Disney World tickets for you. If you are planning to visit other attractions in Orlando or you want to go shopping, using the planner will help a lot.

Central Florida isn’t just Disney World and Universal Studios, there are many other places to visit. Seaworld, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens and Gatorland are all worth a visit. Add to this, Legoland, NASA and shopping days, you will soon realise that you can’t do it all.

Planning For Children

Don’t plan too much for your first few days…

…because you are more likely to ‘come down’ with an illness at the beginning of your holiday than later on. You may be thinking “there is no way I will get ill at the beginning of my holiday” but it could happen. I have personally seen friends and family members struck down with an illness at the beginning of a holiday.

The stress and hard work that goes into planning a major holiday like this can affect your immune system. Pair this with a flight across the Atlantic with a few hundred other people coughing and sneezing on the plane. This gives you an increased probability of picking up a bug or a virus. For the first 2 or 3 days, just plan to chill beside the pool, go shopping or get to know the area a little better.

Check the park opening times

Some parks close earlier than usual at different times of the year and some open longer than others. If you are staying in a Disney Resort hotel you will qualify for Extra Magic Hours at Disney theme parks. This allows you to stay in the Disney theme parks after official closing time but the times vary. You can read about Extra Magic Hours in the Walt Disney World Resort section of this guide.

Plan Wisely, Save Money

After planning where you want to visit and how many theme park days you would like to have, you are almost ready to buy your tickets. Visit the Orlando Theme Park Ticket Tips page of the guide for a few quick tips on ticket buying. Then read the specific theme park ticket page for your tickets (see below). These sections will explain the best and cheapest ticket options to buy.

Disney World Tickets

Universal Orlando Tickets

SeaWorld tickets

Aquatica Tickets

Orlando Flexticket

Other Florida Park Tickets

Remember you will probably not stick to my Orlando Holiday Planner 100% while you are on holiday but it will give you a really good base. The week planner is a Microsoft Word document so you will need this to edit the schedule to your own specific schedule. I have also added a PDF Blank Week Planner for people who do not have Word so you can print it from the disc and fill it in with a pen.

Download a Microsoft Word version


Download a PDF version