Orlando Villas

Orlando Villas

The Villa Option

The advantages of renting a villa over a hotel or even a condo are numerous but it is not ideal for everyone. If you don’t drive in Orlando then a villa would be out of the question. Orlando villas are located on housing estates at least a few miles away from attractions and restaurants so you need to drive.
Here are some advantages of choosing Orlando villas for your accommodation:

Individual bedrooms
Multiple bathrooms
Self catering – save money on meal costs
Private Pool
Private games room
Games consoles (common in most villas)
Cost – Multiple families travelling together can save money by renting a large villa

The last advantage on this list is cost and this can be where you make a big saving. We used to stay in a hotel room near International Drive and the price was £110 a night. The total for a fortnight stay was £1,540. The villa we usually stay in nowadays costs £480 a week so £960 for the fortnight. This is a saving of £580 over the 2 week stay. Even putting the saving aside, there is no comparison with a villa and a hotel room.

Facilities galore

The villa we stay in may sound overly cheap but it is one of the nicest Orlando villas we have ever stayed in. It was built around 13 years ago so is in excellent condition. It is a 4 bedroom Orlando villa with a hot tub, pool, games room and two living areas. These features are common with villas so you would expect to get all of these comforts.

Orlando villas are so large compared to hotel rooms and condos so everyone can ‘do their own thing’. Most Orlando villas also have an outside hot tub and this is a priority for Mrs Brit. Pool heating usually costs extra but sometimes it is not required. In the warmer months you wouldn’t need pool heating and some hot tubs actually supply water into the pool. This helps keep the main pool warm at night.

Clubhouse facilities

Almost all villa estates tend to have lots of great facilities included in the price of your stay. The clubhouse usually has a small gym and/or communal swimming pool. Tennis courts are also a common feature and some have cinemas.

Orlando villa

Security on villa estates

Some villa estates have no security, some have a PIN activated gate and some have fully manned 24hr security. We have stayed in a few Orlando villas that had no security at all and everything was fine. We do try to book on a gated community at least, because you just feel that little bit safer.

During one of our stays on a gated community, Mrs Brit and I thought we heard someone try to open the front door. This was almost midnight and being well aware of Orlando Crime Statistics, I wasn’t going to open the door. I phoned 911 and three cop cars arrived within a few minutes. The police were great and they checked the areas around the villa. I apologised for ‘wasting’ their time but they reassured us that it was not trouble at all.

Remember the booking risks

If you read my Booking Risks section earlier in the guide you will know my advice for booking Orlando villas. I like to ‘Buy British’ with most things but especially when booking a villa. There are hundreds or thousands of Brit’s that own their own villa. Renting from a Brit is probably your safest option.

Keeping the wildlife out!

If you see photos of Orlando villas you will notice a conservatory-like cage around the pool. This is to keep out insects and animals such as alligators. Finding alligators in pools is a common occurrence in Florida and at night you may not realise one is in there until you jump in. All modern Orlando homes have these cages so you shouldn’t come across this problem. Alligators are very cunning creatures and have been known to walk through doors that haven’t been closed properly.

A few years back, one Florida resident heard a bit of a commotion in her kitchen so went to investigate. She found an 8 foot gator looking for a snack. The animal had pushed through what she thought was a closed door and made its way in. She closed the kitchen door and called 911 and the gator was taken away. One tip (although you will probably never use it) if ever you find yourself wresting with an alligator is to stick your thumb straight in its eye. This is the most sensitive part of an alligator and it should let go straight away.

Find Brit Owned Villas

It can be quite time consuming looking for the right Orlando villa to rent. My Disney Area Villas page will eventually contain many Brit owned villas to rent. Keep checking back to see the list grow over the months and years as I add villas to the page.

Which Villa Estate?

There are a lot of Orlando Villa Estates so I have compiled a list of popular estates not too far from Disney World. If you pop open Google or Apple Maps, search for any of these estates to see where they are in relation to Disney World.

The further down the list, the further from Disney they are.

Villa Estates Near Walt Disney World. Closest First
Windsor hills
Emerald Island
Indian Ridge
Paradise Palms
Legacy Park
Tuscan hills
Highlands Reserve
Florida Pines
Calabay Parc

If you know of a villa estate that you think should be added to this list, contact Mr Brit and let him know.