Night Time Tips

Although Orlando is predominantly a family destination, there are many great night time attractions such as dinner shows, nightclubs, restaurants and shows to keep the grown-ups entertained.
In late 2008 Disney closed all of its nightclubs at their adult night time entertainment resort of Pleasure Island to make way for more family friendly facilities.

We have ventured out once to have a night out in Downtown Orlando away from all of the tourists and it wasn’t for us so we won’t be heading there again but if you are thinking of heading for the city centre, read my Staying Safe In Orlando tips from the Orlando section from the beginning of the guide.

Try Bud Light
Budweiser drinkers need to try Bud Light to shed some pounds while you are doing all of that holiday drinking and eating. Bud Light is the worlds best selling beer (lager) and you cannot buy it in the UK. It tastes really great and is low in calories. It is actually stronger than normal Budweiser so the “Light” does not mean low in alcohol, just low in calories.

Bud Light is also available from supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and it is very cheap there. The bottles are also larger than the standard 300ml bottles you would get from a British supermarket.

Take ID everywhere…
…if you are going out to have a drink. Even if you think you look old, some places will still ask for ID due to company policy and we have seen many Brit’s turned away from pubs/bars because they didn’t carry ID with them.

My parents who are in their 60s got asked for ID while having a night out recently on International Drive and this put a right spring in their step, they were well chuffed. I had to tell them the bad news that everyone gets asked for ID and it wasn’t because the security staff thought they looked under 21 so take your ID everywhere!

Drinking in British Pubs..
…charging British prices is very common in Orlando. They know what you are happy to pay back home and a lot of them like to “cash in” on this and charge you the same in the USA. When you go to one of these pubs you can see that they have a crowd of British regulars who are on holiday and go in the same pub every night of their stay as if they were back home so they will pay over the odds for their drinks. Most places where you eat and drink in Orlando are massively cheaper than in the UK so don’t just stick to the British places, soak up some of the American drinking culture and try the American bars such as Buffalo Wings and you will save money.