Legoland Florida

Little Lego Fans Will Love It

Depending on the location of your holiday accommodation, Legoland Florida could be a drive of around 30 minutes to an hour south. This park may be ideal for you if you have young children but if your kids are older, it probably won’t be for you. The rides are very tame and there are only a couple of exciting rides for the rest of us.

One of the great things about Legoland Florida is the short wait times for the rides. Visit during the week and you will only wait 5 or 10 minutes for a lot of the rides. As with all theme parks, get there early and head to the most popular ride in the park first. After that your day will be a doddle. The operating times are short and on our recent visit in May 2019, the times were 10am to 5pm.

Buy tickets at home first

If you just turn up to the park and plan to buy your tickets at the gate, you will be in for a shock. As a journalist I received some complimentary tickets to Legoland Florida but my eyes watered when I had to pay the $107 gate price for a one person, one day ticket. In my opinion this is a ridiculous price and it should never be anywhere near the cost of a Disney ticket. Visit my Other Florida Theme Park Tickets section to see the latest deals and prices for Legoland Florida tickets before you travel. Car parking is also a bit of an eye waterer at $23 for the day.

Star Wars MiniLand Lego


As with all other Legoland theme parks, Legoland Florida has a brilliant MiniLand area. These MiniLand areas show off some amazing Lego structures created by Lego artists. Millions and millions of bricks have been used to create some famous movie scenes and historical buildings. Some of the areas featured are Kennedy Space Center, New York, Las Vegas and the Star Wars area. There are also some animated scenes with pirate ships blasting cannons and the Star Wars Millennium Falcon taking off.

This MiniLand area really is massive and it is staggering what they have created with simple rectangle pieces of plastic. The rest of the park is also full of life size Lego creations of animals, dinosaurs and dragons etc.

Legoland Florida Characters

Lego Characters

Legoland Florida is a great place to meet oversized Lego mini figures. Don’t be surprised if you see Emmet or WyldStyle walking around the park looking to meet your own mini figures. Emmets Super Suite is located in the Lego Movie World area of the park and this is a great place to find your Lego heroes. Keep your eyes peeled near other attractions because there are many famous Lego characters wandering the park.

The Rides Of Legoland Florida


A good old fashioned bone shaker of a ride. This wooden rollercoaster has been here well before Legoland Florida opened up because it was a feature of the old Cypress Gardens theme park that occupied the area before Legoland.

Wooden rollercoasters are quite rare nowadays so it makes a nice refreshing change to ride one. As always, a ride on the back will give you a slightly more exciting ride as your car is pulled down the drops. There are no big drops on Coastersaurus but it is a very shaky ride. Don’t try and hold your camera during the ride because it may also become extinct if you drop it. Back in the Cypress Gardens days I lost a hat on this ride but the older ride was more of a thrill ride then.

Coastersaurus has a height requirement of 36″.

The Dragon

This is a great ride for children and rollercoaster newbies. The ride is a steel rollercoaster and you are travelling on the back of a Lego dragon. The first half of the ride is a very slow journey through the castle where you get to see some great Lego character creations and some comedy scenes.

Once the coaster reaches the outside you will take a very slow climb to the top of the tracks where the ride starts. It does pick up speed but there are no loops or tall drops so a perfect ride for beginners.

The Dragon has a height requirement of 40″

Flying School

This ride is absolutely nothing like it looks. When you stand back you see a large rollercoaster with hanging seats and an impressive track. What you actually get is a no-thrills ride and a sore head. This ride was the biggest let-down of the whole park and it is badly designed. It travels way too slow which may be great for rollercoaster beginners. The problem is, the ride looks like a proper thrill ride so beginners would probably avoid it.

Forgetting all the false promises of how the ride looks, it can be a painful ride. My 2 sons went on before me because I wanted to video from the front row. Just before I set off they were trying to warn me about the risk to your head. I couldn’t work out what they were trying to say as I was already seated. During the ride your head gets bashed against the shoulder supports and this carries on for the whole ride. It is a very bad design flaw and should be altered in my opinion. I have rode Flight School twice in 8 years and nothing has changed. I cannot believe the problem hasn’t been reported to Legoland.

The best part of this ride is the exit sign. Flying School has a height requirement of 44″

Great Lego Race VR

The Great Lego Race

One of the more thrilling rides of Legoland Florida but still not a white knuckle ride by any means. The ride can be experienced as two different rides. The standard version is without the VR headset on and this ride is shown in my video. The VR version requires you to queue for a VR headset and you travel around the whole track wearing these goggles. During the VR ride you ride the same steel track but your visuals are computer generated.

If you watch my video it may sound like it is a really thrilling ride but that is just pathetic old me! I struggle on these types of rides because of the sharp turns. I sometimes sound like a little girl because I really do panic on the turns. Primeval Whirl in Animal Kingdom is a much more thrilling version of this type of ride.

The Great Lego Race has a height requirement of 42″

Driving School

This part of Legoland Florida is great for little ones. Kids get their own cars and they can drive around Lego Town as they please, well sort of. There are rules and they must be adhered to. Traffic lights and oncoming traffic has to be taken into account and this could be a little bit tricky for our British kids.

Roundabouts go the wrong way and so does the traffic, we are in America remember!! The cars are small Lego cars and all qualifying kids love this attraction. Driving School is available to children 6 years to 13 years old. For younger children there is the nearby Jr Driving School. Once their test is finished your child should get their very own Driving Licence.

NOTE: Mr Brit qualified for free or discounted entry to this attraction as a travel guide author. Mr Brit does not and will not write favourable reviews for any attraction regardless of perks. Read more about this here.