Florida Mall

Florida Mall

The Florida Mall is one of the largest single floor shopping Malls in the USA today and holds over 250 stores under its many roofs.

This “largest Mall in Orlando” is more suited to the average earners amongst us so this place isn’t home to the Rodeo Drive style shops that you find in Mall at Millennia. The American economy is built on shopping and you will be amazed at the size of this place.

To make your way round the whole mall you would need to plan a whole day for shopping here and there are around 30 different restaurants and food bars to choose from so you will easily find a nice meal to keep you going. If you have small children with you, a good idea would be to find a car shopping trolley as this will keep the little ones happy for most of the day. Our Little Brit always loves to jump in one and pretend he is Lightning McQueen all around the store.

Good for games
‘GameStop’ is a popular American chain of video game stores and the Florida Mall has two GameStops inside the mall. My eldest son was about to buy a pre-owned PSP game for £15 before we left the UK but he decided to wait until we got to Florida to buy it and he spotted the same game for just $8 in a GameStop store. The game was also a pre-owned game but it was in great condition and everything comes with a no quibble 7 day guarantee so as long as the actual games console is with you in Orlando, it is worth bagging a cheap deal. One very important thing to know is that not all games and DVD’s will work back home in the UK so check the CD’s DVD’s section above to find out what not to buy before you ‘do your money’

If you are not driving but would like to visit the Florida Mall, catch the number 42 Lynx bus from the International Drive area.