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The Eating Capital Of The World

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more restaurants and places to eat in Orlando than there are houses. You won’t struggle to find a bite to eat but you may not be familiar with some of the American foods and restaurant chains. Eating in Orlando can be a bit of a minefield. there are so many choices but who sells what type of food? My Orlando Eateries section covers the popular places to eat in Orlando.

Information about money off vouchers can also be found in the Quick Tips section.

Get The Apps!

There are some great apps to download and these can really help save you money while eating in Orlando. Loyalty reward schemes are big in America so a lot of the big chains have their own loyalty apps. Sign up with Orlando area restaurant websites for special offers to be emailed to you.

One thing to note is they may require a USA address for the registration process. Just use the address of the villa or hotel you have booked. You may even have to make up a phone number but it won’t stop the offers coming to your email address. Don’t worry if the app doesn’t work in the UK as it probably will once you are in Orlando.

View the Orlando Eateries section to find links to specific restaurant Apps.

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Unlimited Drinks

Most restaurants in Orlando offer free soft drink refills and with the Florida heat, this is a great deal. Chilis, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, Fuddruckers etc all offer unlimited refills on soft drinks. Ask your server before you choose your drink to see if they offer free refills.

Choose a McDonalds carefully

The odd thing about McDonalds in America is that they all differ in price so much, not like the UK. If you are on a budget, don’t rush to the W Sand Lake Rd McDonalds to eat. This is the restaurant that looks like a large box of fries. It seems you are paying over the odds because of its title of being the Worlds largest McDonalds play place.

In the USA McDonalds regularly offer any size drink for just $1. This is a great deal because their large soft drink is a lot bigger than a UK McDonalds large drink.

Don’t buy Pizzas from companies…

…that slip leaflets under doors in hotels. If you are staying in a hotel, you will get pizza delivery leaflets under your door every single day. There have been many instances where people have ordered from these companies and have been poisoned due to food contamination. There are also warnings on some of the hotel TV channels, telling you that these companies may also abuse your credit card details so be very careful.

Some of these ‘pizza’ companies actually operate from a garage at their home. They make pizza for tourists and they don’t follow all of the health and hygiene practices. My advice would be to stick to companies like Dominos, CiCi’s pizza and Pizza Hut.

Whenever I return from a hard days rollercoastering and I find another pizza leaflet under my hotel room door, I just kick them back into the hall. I hope the leaflet guy gets the message but he never does.

A good old British Curry!

As Britain’s favourite food is Indian curry, I have a warning for all curry loving Brits. You will probably not find a curry that is made similar to a British curry while you are in Orlando. The Orlando Indian restaurants try to promote themselves as ‘the best curry around’ but the restaurants we have tried don’t know what a real curry is. We have tried eating in Orlando Indian restaurants quite a few times. They have all been terrible, the Chicken Madras always tasted like sour soup poured over chicken.

I do love a hot curry with plenty of thick sauce. I usually have one at my local the day before our holiday and then another one when we land. Two weeks in Orlando without a great curry is hard. If you know of a great Indian restaurant in Orlando that does a good British style curry, please let me know. I will try it out on our next trip and if it ticks the box, I will add the tip to the site.

I am not holding my breath though!

The Orlando Eateries section covers popular American restaurant chains and popular places to eat in Orlando.