Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance

Carry-On Luggage Can Save You Money

Baggage Allowance limits differ from airline to airline and you could save over £100 per family by packing intelligently. All airlines now charge extra for checked baggage so making the most of your carry on luggage is important. B.A offers the best carry on allowance of all the major airlines and booking B.A could save you money. The dimensions of the B.A carry-on  allowance is 56cm high x 45cm wide x 25cm deep including wheels.

These suitcases (pictured right) is made by Antler and they are really good quality. The case has been made to the exact B.A carry-on baggage limits so it is ideal. These cases are wider than the average hand luggage case so there is more room than you would expect. In this suitcase I can easily fit the following Orlando attire….

T Shirts x 7
Shorts x 5
Socks x 7
Underwear x 7

I even have room for an Easybreath and my bathroom bag. If you are staying in a Villa or Condo you do not need 14 days worth of clothing. Villas and Condo’s come with washing machines and dryers so this amount of clothing will do. Between our family of 4 flying with BA, we would pay for 2 checked bags and take 4 carry on cases like above. This allows us to bring back gifts and clothes from Orlando and still save £140 on checked baggage fees.

I also bought the Cabin Max Cabin Bag which has the same dimensions and may be easier for you to manage. The Cabin Max backpack also is within the B.A baggage allowance guidelines but costs a lot less. If you buy any of these cases you will save the amount you paid in just one trip with BA. Another bonus is that EasyJet and Jet2 have the same allowance so they are great for European holidays.

Order baggage for B.A flights

Buy any one of these 4 bags below and they are within the B.A allowance. We have bought the Antler Marcus Siro Bag and the Cabin Max Cabin Bag backpack and they are both great. The other bags listed below are also the correct dimensions.

Obviously you don’t just book with BA because the baggage allowance is great, the ticket price needs to be great. Find out how to get the best flight prices in Mr Brit’s When To Book Your Holiday section.

Order baggage for Virgin flights

The Virgin Atlantic allowances are not as generous as British Airways allowances but baggage charges can still be reduced. Having more of the cases below would mean you could reduce your checked baggage and save £70 per suitcase. You will notice other people at the airport having multiple carry on cases. Nobody would throw a £70 note away. Invest in the right cases and you will save hundreds down the years. The below bags are suitable for Virgin Atlantic carry-on baggage.

Airline Allowances

Below are the limits for baggage and carry on luggage when travelling to Florida. This information was correct at time of publish but airlines could change their limits at any time so make sure that you check their website just before you travel.

AirlineChecked BaggageHand Baggage
British Airways1 x 90cm x 75cm x 43cm 23kg1 x 56cm x 45cm x 25cm 23kg
Plus 1 x 45cm x 36cm x 20cm 23kg
Virgin Atlantic1 x 90cm x 75cm x 43cm 1 x 23kg to 32kg1 x 56cm x 36cm x 23cm 10kg
TUI1 x 80cm x 65cm x 45cm 20kg1 x 55cm x 40cm x 20cm 5kg
Thomas Cook1 under 158cm L + W + H 23kg1 x 55cm x 40cm x 20cm 10kg
Plus 1 x handbag or laptop bag etc

The weights and amount of bags that are included in your baggage allowance depend on your specific booking so check this before flying. Remember that these details are just a guide to help you plan. Make sure you check your airline website for any recent changes.

TSA Luggage Locks

TSA Luggage LocksIn America the Transportation Security Administration screen your luggage before it is boarded onto planes. They have the right to break your luggage open if they want to search it by hand. There are a selection of locks that the TSA can open using their master keys. Buying a TSA luggage lock could save you a lot of money if you have expensive luggage that is forced open. The TSA will not reimburse you if they damage your luggage trying to gain entry.

You can buy TSA locks in a lot of stores and even some supermarkets sell them. If you forget to buy some before you travel, you will be able to buy them in Orlando. We bought a pair of TSA standard key locks for just $5 at a Wal-Mart but you can also buy TSA combination locks as pictured here. Wal-Mart is a really cheap store for items like this but wherever you buy them from, make sure they display the TSA logos.

To find out more about the TSA rules and the TSA locks, visit the TSA website

Taking food in your luggage

It can be really hard to know what you can and cannot take with you to Orlando. Taking the wrong items into the USA can land you in trouble. It would be risky to take something that is on the banned list and could result in a heavy fine. Meat and soft cheeses are at the top of the ‘do not bring’ list.

Visit the official U.S Customs & Border Protection Website to find the up to date list.

Spread Your Clothes

A survey showed that in one year B.A had lost 23 bags for every 1000 passengers that travelled with B.A. This is a shocking figure as a 747 can carry between 416 to 524 passengers per flight. This equates to around 12 cases getting lost per flight. We have travelled with friends to Orlando recently and Virgin Atlantic lost one of their cases. The case turned up 3 days later but it can cause big problems. As this is more common than you would expect, it is good practice to spread your clothes and other important items throughout your luggage.

Don’t put all of Mums things in one case and all of Dads things in another case. Put a few pairs of Dad’s shorts in one case and a few pairs in another. If Dads case takes an unexpected and temporary trip to New York, Dad might end up having to wear Mums skirts for a few days. We always spread our clothes throughout our luggage although it hasn’t happened to us yet. The statistics show that it will happen to us sooner or later so hopefully we will be better prepared than most when it happens.