Affiliate Disclaimer

Mr Brit here!

This section lets you know how I fund my Orlando travel website using affiliate marketing.

What does this mean?

It means that if I am recommending a product, destination or a hotel, I might be receiving a percentage of commission if you end up buying or booking from the link. This is done at no additional cost to you. You would still be charged the same whether you use my affiliate link or if you purchase straight from the website.

Why is affiliate marketing important?

As my website is free for you to use, and I have spent thousands of hours creating the website, it only makes sense that I need to earn some money to make it worth my while.  There are costs associated with maintaining a large travel website, such as domain name cost and hosting fees to ensure this blog is always up and running.

I create everything on the website which takes many hours per month doing research, adding photos and website development.

My promise to you

I will always recommend a product that I have personally used and am a big believer in. I will also only recommend hotels that I have stayed in or through research seem to be a good choice for an Orlando holiday. I might also recommend an alternative product/activity if the exact one is not available online.

Enjoy reading!