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About the guide

My family – ‘The Brits’ travel to Orlando every year for our annual holidays. I have written this guide to help other British families make the most from this holiday of a lifetime (which usually ends up becoming an annual holiday)

Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando was previously sold as a CD-Rom travel guide in retailers such as Waterstones and on Amazon up until 2011. Business commitments forced me to stop publishing the guide in 2011. I always planned to bring my guide back in a different format at some point. Over the years I have received many emails from some of the thousands of readers that bought my old guide. The most common topic was “when will you release a new Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando”. Having a little more time than I had ten years ago, I decided to bring it back. I decided that Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando should now be a website free for everyone so here it is!

Statistics show that a very small percentage of travel guide buyers actually read the whole guide. This guide is unlike any other travel guide you may have read. I never wanted to write a guide that just makes everything sound great. I tell you how things really are and I don’t gloss over anything.

I have not written this guide to keep Orlando’s theme parks and other attractions ‘happy’. I write the guide to help fellow Brit’s plan this amazing holiday. If something is good, I will tell you it’s good but if something in Orlando is bad, I will tell you that also. This will help you make an informed decision on how to plan your Orlando holiday. I am also quite a penny pincher so there are lots of money saving tips throughout the guide.

If you read all of the pages on this website, you will be able to plan your holiday like a professional. You will be armed to make the most from this ‘holiday of a lifetime’ and at the same time, save some money.

Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando has great tips to save money on tickets and accommodation etc. There are also tips to help you buy your tickets ‘intelligently’.

Great photo locations can be found when you see this icon throughout the guide. There are other helpful hints like the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. I review all major attractions and some of the smaller ones. In the Theme Park sections I give you tips for each park and I review some of the rides and shows in each park.

Orlando is the best place on the planet in my view and there is so much to do it is mind boggling. After our first visit to Orlando many years ago I bumped into an old friend that had visited Orlando many times. I told him we had just got back from Orlando and he replied…

 “the problem with that is, your future holidays to any other destination are ruined from now on”

so I asked him to explain and he said…

 “once you have been to Orlando on holiday, no other holiday will ever come close because you have just visited the best place in the world”

and oh how right he was.

Why is the guide now free?

The Mr Brit’s Guide To Orlando website can earn small commissions from some of the links to products or services featured in the guide. If you click through a link to look at a suitcase or hotel for example, Mr Brit may or may not earn a small commission if you purchase that product or service. If you feel my guide is useful to you, please help keep the website viable by using the links to plan your holiday.

Have a great holiday in Orlando and I hope, and I am sure that you will love reading this guide.

Enjoy Orlando, it’s impossible not to!

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To find out more about me, please visit my website – MrBrit.co.uk